GIGHOUSE is a digital matching platform that strives for the perfect match between freelancers and clients in a fast and efficient way. We guarantee quality through a thorough screening and matching process in which we not only focus on competences and skills, but also work towards a “cultural fit” between freelancer and client. Furthermore, we offer support to the freelancer and are always available for first line advice.

What is behind GIGHOUSE?

A motivated team of experts strive every day for the best possible match between freelancer and client. Their goal? To convince each company of the added value of deploying freelance experts and shape the labor market of the future.

Their motto? Always deliver more than expected!


For GIGHOUSE quality is more important than quantity. All freelancers are thoroughly screened during an intake interview in which their CV is checked and references are verified.

GIGHOUSE makes sure you don’t lose any time in your search for the right freelancer. We search and present you only the freelancers with the highest matching rate.

We offer support to the freelancer. GIGHOUSE is always happy to provide first line advice. We strive to be the community where our freelancers can “come home”. Therefore, in the future all sorts of initiatives are planned to strengthen our community.

What can GIGHOUSE do for clients?

You can contact us for all your freelance staffing needs. Looking for specific skills for your project?
We have an extensive database of up to date freelance profiles that could fit your company needs perfectly. Our matching process focuses not only on competences and skills, but also aims at finding a “cultural fit” between freelancer and client.

What is the role of the GIGHOUSE consultants?

They search for the perfect match between client and freelancer. This is based on a thorough screening of the freelancers and an interview with the client. Once there is a successful match, they also take care of the contracts, invoicing and payment.

Where should I turn with questions related to administration?

GIGHOUSE takes care of the complete administration. This means that GIGHOUSE takes care of both the contracts and the invoicing. GIGHOUSE also takes care of the correct payment of the freelancer’s wages and the corresponding administration. If you still have questions concerning the administration, we will be happy to help you! Contact us at info@gighouse.be

I am an intermediary, can I get in touch with a freelancer through GIGHOUSE?

Looking for the ideal freelancers for projects at your clients? Join us! However, we will only introduce you to freelancers who are open to work with a third party. Please contact us directly so we can discuss our possible cooperation further. Feel free to email info@gighouse.be

Is GIGHOUSE an intermediary?

The definition of an intermediary is “a mediator”, which means that an intermediary mediates between 2 parties to find the best mutual agreement. At GIGHOUSE, we initially take care of the matching between both parties and put them in contact with each other. The Freelancer and the client negotiate about the agreed rate and we take care of the contracts, timesheets and payment/invoicing.

Where can I find the general terms and conditions of GIGHOUSE?

You can read the general terms and conditions for clients here. Those of freelancers can be read here..


My question does not appear in the list, what do I do now?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact GIGHOUSE by e-mail at info@gighouse.be or by phone 09/331.77.61.

How will the intake proceed?

GIGHOUSE employs different sources to enrich its database with the right freelancers. First of all, freelancers sign up on the mobile app that we promote via the web & social media. Secondly, GIGHOUSE also participates in many events and fairs through which we get in touch with freelancers all over Belgium. Finally, our consultants actively search for the most qualitative freelancers on the market, through all kinds of channels. In all these cases, the freelancers and their skills are carefully screened.

How does the screening of freelancers work?

When freelancers register on the mobile application, they are asked to provide the contact details of three employers they have worked with. Our consultants check these references and discuss the competences of the freelancer during a personal interview. During these meetings, we mainly verify whether the competences listed, correspond to the experience that former clients had/have. After each phone call, the profile of the freelancer is further completed and references are added to their profile. The freelancers are contacted by phone upon registration so GIGHOUSE can get an idea of their strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

How does GIGHOUSE find the best freelancer for my project?

Our matching process is supported by a strong and intelligent matching software that enables us to make a very fast qualitative matching. Our consultants always do a final check before freelancers are referred to a client.

Is there a guarantee that GIGHOUSE will find the right freelancer within a certain time frame?

We always strive for a qualitative match within 48 hours. The freelancers who are introduced to you, match the specific needs within your project, are available and have already shown interest in your project. Half way there!

How can I contact GIGHOUSE?

You can always contact us at info@gighouse.be or on 09/331.77.61.

How does GIGHOUSE handle my personal data?

GIGHOUSE commits itself to confidentially handle personal and company data. This information will only be used for the search of projects during the matching process and will never be used for commercial purposes. We refer you to our extensive privacy policy for more information.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter or delete my profile?

If you would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter or delete your profile, please send a message to info@gighouse.be Do not hesitate to let us know the reason.

What is the price tag for clients?

In exchange for the help and services that GIGHOUSE offers you, we charge 22% or 24% brokerfee on top of the freelancer’s fee. This is only applicable once you have mutually agreed to work with each other. Your will receive a weekly invoice after validating the freelancer’s timesheet. Depending on the formula you choose, payment is made by direct debit or by invoice with a payment term of 30 days. We refer you to the prices page for further explanation.

What is the price tag for freelancers?

Our services are completely free for freelancers. We only charge a brokerage fee of 22% or 24% on top of the freelancer’s fee to the client. Very transparent and easy!

How much margin does GIGHOUSE take on the freelancer?

At GIGHOUSE, the search for a freelancer is completely free. As a client, you only pay from the moment a freelancer starts working for you: first cure, then pay! Depending on the formula you choose, we charge a brokerfee of 22% or 24% on top of the freelancer’s rate.

When is the freelancer paid?

As soon as the client validates the timesheet with the hours worked, the self-bill is drawn up and paid within 30 days after the invoice date. If we do not receive validation or refusal from the client within 72 hours, we assume automatic validation of the hours worked.

As a freelancer, should I make an invoice to GIGHOUSE or to the client?

Neither! GIGHOUSE works with a self-bill system in which we take over the freelancer’s invoicing duties completely. GIGHOUSE makes up purchase invoices to itself, the so-called self-bill. The freelancer must include these self-bills as sales invoices in his VAT declaration.

Click here for more information about the self-bills.

Do I sign a contract with GIGHOUSE or with the client?

When we have a match between you and the client you agree with the contractual agreement. GIGHOUSE signs a contract with the client. This has the enormous advantage that the client pays us and we can pay you (the freelancer) within 30 days after validation of the timesheets! This way you can be sure that your wage will appear on your account on time.

Do I sign a contract with GIGHOUSE or the freelancer?

When we have a match between you and the freelancer, you enter into a contractual agreement with GIGHOUSE. We sign an agreement with the freelancer. This enables us to pay the freelancer quickly. The invoicing between GIGHOUSE and the client is done by direct debit or by invoice that has to be paid within 10 or 30 days. GIGHOUSE invoices standard on a weekly basis.