How to deal with the risk of false self-employment?

On September 28, 2023 we want to introduce you to or further inform you in a practical way about the ubiquitous problem of false self-employment.Also you as a freelancer belong to one of the target groups of the social inspection in their search for active false self-employed.
Therefore, we also want to inform you about when exactly there is false self-employment. How can you cover yourself as much as possible? What are the indicators for the social inspection to establish false self-employment? What should you pay attention to in your daily practice as a freelancer? These are some aspects of false self-employment that we will discuss. We also want to prepare you well in case you or your client is involved in a social inspection: how does such a social inspection work, what questions are asked, what can, may and should I say? During the seminar we will provide you with the tools you need to avoid surprises in the event of a social inspection. How can you contractually cover and protect yourself to minimize the risk of establishing false self-employment?

This presentation is primarily of interest to you in your capacity as an independent freelancer for Gighouse. However, this info can also be useful and important in the context of the HR services you provide to clients. The tools and info we provide you with can also be implemented on site and can be useful to also prepare your client(s) for a possible social inspection in the context of false self-employment.

Topics covered during the presentation include:

  • The essential distinction between an employee and a self-employed person based on the
    basic rules
  • When is false self-employment?
  • Specific criteria in certain sectors (including the specific criteria for platform workers
    since the Labor Deal)
  • Hidden dangers
  • Red flashing lights social inspection
  • Practical approach: do's and don't

About A.lex

A.lex specializes in all facets of corporate law. It focuses primarily on broad employment law and commercial questions and issues. Their mission is to unburden the entrepreneur, large and small, as much as possible legally.



    from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    The barn Booiebos 5a 9031 GHENT


    Maximum 25 participants

    In cooperation with