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Are you in possession of a VAT number and looking for suitable freelance jobs? We match you to the most suitable freelance projects, taking into account your preferences, budget and expertise. Because we take all the administrative red tape off your shoulders, working as a freelancer was never this easy. And here’s the good news: GIGHOUSE’s services are free for our freelancers! Download the app now, complete your profile together with our consultants, and we will go in search of the ideal freelance jobs for you.

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Some freelance projects are harder to fill in than others. Because we also want to introduce the perfect freelance expert for these projects. We highlight a few of these opportunities. Take a look these unique projects and maybe we can set you up with one of these.


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Midlancer aan het werk op de computer


8 February 2022 #freelancers #start to freelance

What is a midlancer? And what is the difference with freelancers? We list everything you need to know about midlancing.

5 min.
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Meet Nina, a freelance Actuary

26 January 2022 #freelancers #testimonials

GIGHOUSE's newest add on is the implementation of actuarial consultants. Today we interview Nina Noorali who has been freelancing for 15 years.

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Where do I find a freelancer?

3 November 2021 #businesses #Opdrachtgevers #working with freelancers

How do you find the right freelancer for your business? Although there is plenty of supply, it can still be quite a task to find the right match. Read below how you can proceed.

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What is a freelancer?

9 September 2021 #businesses #Opdrachtgevers #working with freelancers

The term freelance coincides with different meanings and interpretations. Finding a clear description isn't easy. So we wrote a blogpost about it.

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Do you want to optimally and properly on-board freelancers? This checklist will get you started:

26 April 2021 #businesses #Opdrachtgevers #working with freelancers

Onboarding freelancers isn't a walk in the park. In this article we teach you how to properly onboard freelance talents.

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Why freelancers are the perfect employees for start-ups

11 August 2020 #businesses #working with freelancers

Freelancers are fast, experienced and agile workers. They thrive best in flexible organisations. The start-up is the perfect place for freelancers to work their magic.

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