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Are you looking for a freelance administrative assistant? Someone with highly specific skills that can offer you the support you need, temporarily or for a longer period of time? GIGHOUSE puts you in touch with the right expert, at the right time! We search and match, at no charge. All you have to pay for is the work actually carried out. Easy, low-threshold, high-quality and transparent!

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‘When we were looking for an HR Manager, GIGHOUSE turned out to be the perfect agency for us. They introduced us to a shortlist of candidates, which was subsequently narrowed down according to the feedback we provided. In the meantime, our GIGHOUSE freelancer has been working for us for half a year, for a flexible number of days a month. GIGHOUSE handles all the administrative red tape for us so that we can focus on what really matters: getting things done.’

Stijn Wijndaele

Managing Partner of Scalefactory

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