Sales Operations Specialist

Currently Sales Operations Specialist at GHX

Available from: 2024-06-20
5 day(s)/per week
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I would like to introduce you to Berty from Molenbeek. Berty completed his education in London, specializing in Applied Finances Options Trading. He is currently pursuing an MBA degree via distance learning. With a background in administration and finance, Berty aspires as an entry-level freelancer to further expand his expertise in finance.


Berty in brief:

🤝 6 years of experience within administration of which 3 years specifically within finance

🔎 Seeks assignments within the financial world

🌍 Dutch ( very good), French (very good), Eng ( very good)

❤️ Meet Berty, a dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneur who embraces life with full energy. As a loving father, his family always comes first. His passion for entrepreneurship is undeniable, and he is fully committed to achieving his business goals.

In his spare time, Berty is passionate about real estate investing. He sees the potential in real estate and is constantly looking for new opportunities to expand his portfolio.


Job Content:

         Handle credit applications b2b / b2c, analyze and grant or deny credit.

         File manager within insurance from A to Z.

         Preparing invoices.

         Sending reminders.

         Contact with bailiffs.

         Support in building an AR team: manual provision, process optimization, implementation of new processes,...

         Analysis of financial statements.

         Looking up fraud.

         Seeking solutions in terms of installment payments.


Software knowledge: MS office, SAP ( 3 years), Salesforce, Excell



Good to know:

👌🏻 Diploma: Applied Finances: Trading

👌🏻 Diploma: MBA with specialism in Strategy in training.

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Interested in this profile?

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