DJ consulting is a one-man business. Founded by myself, Johan Depraetere. I was a training expert at Bekaert for 25 years. With achievements in domestic and foreign plants. I was a member of the VOV for more than 15 years; including leader of the club of W-Vlaanderen. I have a passion for employees; it was a privilege to be able to work in the professional training world for more than 25 years. I have a passion for training; it was a privilege to bridge the gap between technical specialists and students. I have a passion for Technic; it was my personal goal, to use all means, to efficiently transfer knowledge to our employees. It is a wonderful challenge to use my passion in a way that contributes to customer satisfaction.

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39 jaar gewerkt bij Bekaert Zwevegem
Sinds ‘96 in de dienst vorming – opleiding
In het begin opleidingsmateriaal maken daarna ook trainingen organiseren en seminaries oprichten, HR binnen de onderneming
Johan zijn specialiteit: kennisoverdracht, kennismanagement, opleidingsbehoeftanalyse, opleidingstrajecten, … Johan heeft meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in de branche.
Johan is ook geïnteresseerd in opdrachten als technical writer

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