Ik heb +25 jaar ervaring in HR zowel in soft drugs is hard HR maar ook in opleiding geven. Zowel zelfstandig werken als in team is voor mij een mogelijkheid. ik ben zeer leergierig, communicatief, flexibel, resultaat gericht, punctueel en betrouwbaar. mijn ideale job is als HR generalist maar alles is bespreekbaar.

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Meet Eva, who began her career as a high school teacher. After a series of temporary substitute contracts, she made the switch to consulting within the interim sector.


At ASAP, she went through several positions, including consultant, assistant office manager, office manager, L&D specialist, ... .


In 2021, she decided to go her own way and started as an independent HR freelancer.


❤️ Eva is characterized by her openness and honesty in her interactions. She values engaging in dialogues and values an environment where ideas can flow freely. Informal companies particularly appeal to her because she believes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where people can be themselves. Her door is always open to others, symbolically and literally, because she is always willing to listen, share and collaborate.

🤝 Experience within hard HR

🔎 Seeks assignments as comp & ben, payroll, HR manager, HRBP, ...  

🌍 language knowledge: ND ( very good) /ENG (good)  


Job Content:

Tasks Done:

-        Recruitment & selection of workers and clerical profiles.

-        Implement evaluation process.

-        Training rolled out. ( requesting quotes, choosing party, scheduling trainings)

-        Helping to optimize an employment contract.

-        Maintain personnel files.

-        Dimona requests from Flexis.

-        Onboarding.

-        Ticking clocks review.

-        ...


Computer knowledge: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, HiAnt, PratoFlex, Teams, iController, Power BI, Tascnet

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