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  • Professional Background:
    • 8 years of experience as a Functional Analyst.
    • Transitioned into the role of a Product Owner with 3 years of experience.
  • Project Experience:
    • Worked on several projects spanning diverse sectors including biotech, government, and finance.
    • Last project at KBC in the "Bolero" department, developing a platform for financial products.
  • Role at KBC - Bolero Department:
    • Analyzed the platform, focusing on API integration into the frontend.
    • Managed API integration, facilitating the evolution of the finance portfolio.
    • Made adjustments to the frontend for improved user experience.
    • Developed a mobile-accessible feature to track the evolution of financial portfolios.
    • Involved in the creation of a second Bolero platform, allowing companies to raise funds.
  • Team Collaboration:
    • Worked with a team comprising 4-5 backend developers, a frontend team, and a testing team.
    • Collaborated with a project manager and handled API management.
    • Dealt with scope changes, evolving portfolios, and the integration process.
  • Challenges and Achievements:
    • Managed a large-scale project with a significant budget.
    • Sole analyst in the team, facing high-pressure situations during scope changes.
    • Successfully adapted to different contexts, systems, and companies.
  • Skills and Qualities:
    • Strong analytical skills.
    • Adaptability to different contexts, systems, and companies.
    • Effective communication skills.
    • Ability to share insights in an understandable manner.
    • Thrives in a challenging and dynamic environment.

This candidate brings a wealth of experience as both a Functional Analyst and a Product Owner. With a background in diverse sectors and a track record of successfully navigating complex projects, they demonstrate adaptability, strong analytical skills, and effective communication abilities. Their recent experience at KBC showcases their capability to manage large-scale projects and handle various challenges within a multidisciplinary team.

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