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📅 Experience: Over 10 years' experience as a freelance IT specialist since 2019, with expertise in System Engineering and Workplace Engineering.

🚀 Core competencies:

💻 Experience as first, second and third line system administrator.

🛠️ Incident management across all applications.

🌐 Strong TCPIP skills, resolving application-related network issues and evaluating application performance on local PCs.

📞 Management of internal and external communications, including PC banking, phone banking, banking chat, and routing.

🌐 Knowledge of communication protocols.

🖥️ Administration of Windows Server infrastructure, granting user access rights and managing security groups.

🤝 Collaboration with different teams, such as the Cisco team and DevOps, to solve complex problems.

🔑 Key qualities:

🧠 Extensive experience in resolving IT incidents.

💪 Ability to handle a variety of problems and challenges.

📚 Ability to draw on a vast IT knowledge base.

🤖 Technical skills, including coordination, logical thinking and the ability to ask relevant questions.

📝 Commitment to self-documentation and traceability of activities.

💼 Technical skills:

💽 Mastery of Circle Server, including server administration, database creation and improving security processes.

💾 Management of databases and their backups.

🖥️ Administration of storage servers.

🖥️ Setting up Windows Server, DNS, DSCP, WDS, and IS Server servers.

☁️ Knowledge of Azure Active Directory, including user and application management.

☁️ Mastery of Azure Firewall and Azure Storage.

🔒 SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) certification.

This candidate has extensive experience in system administration and incident management, with strong technical skills in a wide range of areas. His ability to solve complex problems and collaborate effectively with different teams makes him a valuable asset to any IT organization.


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Interested in this profile?

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