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IT Consulting Experience:

  • 20 Years in IT Consulting
    • Holds a degree in Business Engineering.
    • Started as a Business and Functional Analyst for 5 years.
    • Worked as a Senior Analyst at Busy, contributing to the design of applications, including biometric passport systems.
  • 10 Years in Analysis
    • Transitioned to the role of a Project Manager, managing development projects related to stage management and promotions.
    • Led a project for the legalization of documents, focusing on verifying the authenticity of documents for individuals working abroad, such as in the USA.
  • Document Verification Project (2017)
    • Developed a project with the team to verify the authenticity of documents.
    • Addressed the need for document verification in scenarios like applying to work in the USA.
    • The project was well-received and required minimal maintenance since its implementation.
  • Program Manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Offered the role of Program Manager, overseeing all development projects for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Tasked with restructuring the IT service.
    • Coordinated diverse IT profiles and implemented agile practices.
    • Focus on team coordination and sharing agile best practices.
    • Known for effective communication skills, enabling collaboration across various levels, from developers to directors.

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Interested in this profile?

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