Young Proffesional Supply Chain/Procurement

I am Chafik Baghli, a driven project consultant with two years of experience in the profession. My expertise spans across various industries, including medical, manufacturing and animal sectors. During my time as a consultant, I have worked with various programs and systems, which has increased my flexibility and allowed me to quickly learn new ways of working. My enthusiasm, organized approach and ability to manage stress characterize the way I work. It gives me satisfaction to complete projects successfully and to continue to learn continuously so that I can apply new insights to my future opportunities.

Available from: 2024-06-10
5 day(s)/per week
Own car
Weekend Work
Evening Work


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GIGHOUSE opinion


I would like to introduce you to Chafik, a professional from Deurne. After finishing his studies in 'Business Management with the option Logistics', Chafik could quickly start working as a consultant on the payroll. With already 2 years of experience as a consultant, especially the project-based aspect attracted him. Because of this, he decided to start as a freelancer after his current assignment, as he greatly appreciates being able to choose his own assignments, variety and flexibility.


Over the past 2 years, Chafik has completed various assignments including customer service, data collection and accounts receivable management.


As a freelancer, Chafik plans to focus primarily on logistics assignments. During his studies, he did an internship as a freight forwarder, a role he finds particularly appealing.


Chafik in brief:

🤝 Experience within administration 

🔎 Seeks assignments within logistics ( administration)

🌍 Dutch ( very good), English ( good) , French ( very good), German ( basic), Arabic and Berber ( good)

🏡 Deurne

💰 Rate: 56-68€/hr ( excluding broker fee of GIGHOUSE 24%)

🏃🏻‍ 5 days/week

❤️ Chafik is characterized by his creativity; he is known for his ability to come up with innovative solutions to challenging situations. He derives great satisfaction from his work and always strives to perform his tasks with enthusiasm and dedication. Despite any stressful moments, he remains calm and focused, developing an apparently indestructible stress resistance. Moreover, he thrives in a team environment, where he enjoys sharing his ideas and collaborating with others to achieve goals.


Job Content:


o  Arranging transportation from A to Z

o  Booking containers

o  Place booking on ship

o  Customs documents

o  Waybill

       Consultant experience:

o  Data hunter

o  Tracking purchase orders

o  Arranging track transport

o  Accounts Receivable Management

o  Prepare repayment plan

o  Start collaboration debt collection agency

o  Stock Management

o  Mail traffic

o  Complaint handling

Knowledge of Adobe programs.


Good to know:

👌🏻 Opl: A1 Logistics 

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Interested in this profile?

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