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  • Digital Marketing Consultant Background:
    • Previous role as a consultant in digital marketing with a technical focus.
    • Specialized in platforms, advisory services, marketing strategies, and coding (APIs).
    • Acted as a link between agencies and clients.
  • Fullstack Web Development:
    • This year, engaged in a fullstack web development project.
    • Expertise in Python, with a focus on Flask and Django frameworks.
    • Proficient in SQL, JavaScript (React, strong experience).
  • Project Experience:
    • Set up HubSpot and worked on the middleware part.
    • Initiated a project to clean up the company's database and processes.
    • Collaborated with the development team to clean up data.
    • Executed a fullstack project, building the frontend in React and the backend in Node.js.
    • Implemented video processing using Amazon Cloud services.
    • Developed a temporary event website with live-updating QR codes for videos.
    • Utilized Zapier Webhooks, NodeJS Backend, Server Side Events, React Frontend.
    • Employed AWS services (EC2 backend, S3 storage, Lambda for Thumbnails/FFMpeg).
    • Hosted the frontend on Vercel.
  • Consulting Expertise:
    • Specialized in digital marketing, Martech (HubSpot), and CRM consulting.
    • Involved in marketing processes and strategies.

This candidate possesses a unique blend of digital marketing consulting, technical expertise in fullstack web development, and proficiency in Python, React, and various AWS services. With a track record of successfully setting up platforms, cleaning up databases, and implementing innovative projects, they bring a valuable combination of marketing and technical skills to the table

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