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Our client is a sales & HR company with a focus on outsourcing. They already have many branches but very much wish to set up the finance branch.

We are looking for a freelance managing partner / freelance entrepreneur to launch this project: from coming up with the name, logo branding to finding the financial consultants and looking for projects of those consultants.

The idea is that those consultants should hardly spend a day without a project, of course. That's the only way you can make a profit.

Of course, you start first with the formatting of the business plan.

Are you a true entrepreneur, eager to start a scale-up? Are you sales-driven and looking for exciting projects? Do you have the skills to attract 15 to 20 financial consultants? Do you have that recruitment strategy?

This is a long-term project. As a freelance managing partner, you will receive a starting budget that you have to take into account. You are responsible to the financial controller and you have a business coach you can call on. Of course you will get support from the group, you can also use (read 'rent') the office space, but you have to do it all yourself, so you get carte blanche.

Your fee is included in the business plan, so you need to calculate your own ROI.

It hinges on you, your DNA, your network, your entrepreneurship.

After +- 5 years, the start-up should become a scale-up and you may be able to hire your first colleague.

This is definitely a full-time position. In time you can buy yourself into the group with a share system.

All this is done with an eco-platform for entrepreneurs, personal risk is thus 0.

Are you the freelance entrepreneur we are looking for? Then apply now!

The launch of the start-up is slated for this fall (October-November).


Why choose this assignment

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Founding scale-up
  3. Recruitment

Additional info

Region: Antwerp
Availability: 5 Day(s) per week
Duration: 52 weeks
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