I am an IPMA certified project manager and has an MSc. in Project Management. I have 19+ years of experience in SAP with a background as a lead consultant in Finance & Controlling. I have in- depth and extensive knowledge and experience with ERP and related applications. I worked abroad and in multicultural environments. I successfully delivered projects within industries such as professional services, trade, banking, services, pharma, retail, agriculture, real estate, manufacturing, and health services. I consider myself as a trusted and dedicated advisor by business and IT representatives on all levels within the customer organization. My strength lies in moving and connecting people. I’m secure in: • building global multi-disciplinary & cultural (virtual) teams, • creating and maintaining the atmosphere in the group, •setting up a structure to accompanying changes and improving the associated stakeholder management by managing the expectations of everyone involved in his projects of programs, •he can align stakeholders in complex projects and programs customer engagement: what would help the customer? You can count on me for your business challenges, as I’m key in finding solutions. As a project & program manager, I’ve been responsible for multiple SAP implementations. I have proven experience in change & transition management. I won the SAP Quality Award in 2016 in the category ‘fast delivery’.

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