lenny benaïcha, jack of all trades, master of some. artistic, creative, technologic, and entrepreneurial. i worked as an artist in theatres both in belgium and abroad. subsequently, as an atypical front-end web developer with these days, where i provided innovation and inspiration, as well as introducing new technologies in order to pitch them to clients, and hands-on coding. i went on to found my own company, which won the start-up of the year (2015) award, according to the belgian chamber of commerce. i brought my first company from nothing to something and did what we would now refer to as “growth.” recently i worked with wunderman as a strategic technologist with a heavy focus on innovation and growth. throughout the last couple of years, i started (guest) teaching at numerous college universities. currently active as (co-founding) entrepreneur in residence and chief growth officer at kazi, an hr tech platform.

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