Network Engineer

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Help DeskCisco Wireless NetworksPare-feuMicrosoft Office Specialist


Score de GIGHOUSE :
  • FIGRO:Network Engineer role.
    • Responsibilities included designing, complementing, and configuring network infrastructure.
    • Gathered information for project managers.
    • Executed network designs, determining connections and configurations.
    • Conducted testing, both onsite and remotely.
    • Worked in the deployment department, handling documentation design, project management, and reporting.
    • Used Microsoft Visio to design networks for user-friendly documentation.
    • Delivered documentation to support teams for ease of access and troubleshooting.
    • Ensured seamless connectivity with devices.

Educational Background:

  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in SD1.


  • Total Experience: 5 years (3 years in Belgium, 2 years in Iraq).
  • Specialization: Primarily focused on network engineering and security.


  • CAN
  • Pare-feu
  • Cisco

This candidate brings a blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experience, particularly excelling in network engineering and security. With a track record of successfully designing and implementing network infrastructure, the candidate is well-versed in documentation processes and ensuring seamless support for deployed projects. The certifications in CAN, Firewall, and Cisco further highlight their expertise in the field

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Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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