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The candidate has experience in mobile development, most notably as a mobile developer at ING Bank, where he worked on the development of a mobile banking application. He has expertise in iOS development, using Objective-C and Swift languages. He also has knowledge of backend development, notably using Java and the Spring framework.

At ING, his main role is to take care of user integration, their connection to the application and the first stage of their experience in the application. For example, he is working on features such as the use of facial recognition or the scanning of passports or ID cards to facilitate user registration. His main aim is to make the online transaction process simple and secure, enabling users to manage their finances from home. He uses Swift because the application was originally in Objective-C, and ING was looking for someone with skills in this language due to its presence on the market.

For BNP, the candidate worked as a Java developer on Android applications. His work mainly involved writing microservices for the company. He was responsible for maintaining backend microservices, which were used to record user activities in the system. This information was then used to make informed business decisions.

The candidate is currently looking for a freelance opportunity, and has good Java and iOS development skills to meet the needs of potential clients.

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Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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