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Currently, he is a full-time project manager, actively involved in a project from its inception. This project revolves around IT infrastructure and includes integration with SAP.

His educational background encompasses studies in IT, programming (e.g., Photoshop, website coding), and marketing, with a focus on technology in marketing. His first real professional experience was at Delhaize, where he worked as a supply chain and forecast analyst.

He then transitioned to Katoen Natie, where they undertook a system upgrade (ERP). After a few months, he assumed responsibility for this project, primarily due to the outdated nature of the previous system.

At AION, he started as an analyst and, after six months, progressed to the role of project manager. In this role, he managed his project budget and initiated projects from scratch. One of his major undertakings was the implementation of a new ERP system.

He emphasizes the importance of a project manager having a clear scope and vision. This vision is essential for leading a project and fostering team cohesion. Regular meetings at various levels are crucial, especially when facing tight deadlines. Weekly meetings in each department, complete with key performance indicators (KPIs) reviewed on a weekly basis, provide a structured approach to project management. He believes in first analyzing the KPIs and then collaborating with team members to address issues directly.

In addition, he's skilled at identifying the root causes of problems, working with cross-functional teams, and liaising with stakeholders. He recognizes that not every solution is a one-size-fits-all and aims to find the most suitable solution to manage each unique problem.

Ce profil vous intéresse ?

Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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