I'm a passionate & globally experienced Engineering Change Manager, on a mission to help people and the technical organizations they work in to thrive together & grow synergetically 🚀! If you want to ... ✔︎ properly manage Technical Knowledge because it's a key asset of your business ✔︎ develop the non-technical skills of your Engineers and Engineering Managers ✔︎ quickly onboard and train new Engineers because business is growing fast ✔︎ increase engineering output and quality while keeping headcount stable ✔︎ streamline remote cooperation because of the postcovid era ✔︎ build a value-driven environment because it will engage your Engineers ✔︎ stop managerial guesswork to grow your Engineering Team quickly and systematically ... then feel free to reach out via michael@mach8.org or +32492673638. Or instantly schedule a meeting at https://go.oncehub.com/MACH8-Michael. Looking forward to meet you, and help you grow your Engineering Team! 💪 ******** ➡️ SOLUTIONS ✔︎ Soft skill trainings and coaching for Engineers and Engineering Managers ✔︎ Knowledge Management and Organizational Development Consulting ✔︎ In-House Assignments in Leadership, Knowledge Management and Organizational Change Management

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