I am a PhD candidate in statistics at UCLouvain in Belgium, within the Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences. My research interests focus on bio-statistical procedures applied to cancer patients. In parallel with my doctoral thesis, I am teaching assistant for several courses in statistics and probability at bachelor and master’s level and I provide trainings and workshops in data science, statistics and R programming for UCLouvain’s technology platform for Statistical Methodology and Computing Service. In my spare time, I write about statistics and code in R via my blog statsandr.com. Proficient in R (& R Markdown, R Shiny).

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Antoine is passionate about applied statistics on R. This includes logistical and linear regression, descriptive statistics, confidence intervals, time series. Apart from being a teacher assistant, writing his PhD and giving private courses to students and other doctorate students at the university, he has also worked for professionals and companies on specific projects on a part-time basis. He's open to part-time work that provides flexibility in terms of hours or days. He's very technical and focused and has a well developed website : https://datanalyze.be/

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