Reinsurance Specialist

Enthousiastic entrepreneurial actuary Strength - Team and corporate playing - Actuarial analysis and creative reinsurance solutions - Efficiency and project management Specialties - Reinsurance non-life - Pricing, Multiline treaty, Large bodily claims, Motor, MC - Actuarial Function under SII - Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (qualitative and quantitative)

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CC++JavaPythonSQLBEGAAPImplementationVendor SelectionData ClassificationData QualityData VisualisationDataset PreparationRegression AnalysisValidation du modèlePlanification et budgétisationClaimsRapportsUnderwritingTarificationProduct DevelopmentProfit TestingReinsurance Prg DesignUnderwritingCoordination et communicationGestion des équipes


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Nicolas is very skilled and enthusiastic. He has many years of experience in reinsurance at high levels from being an UW advisory consultant to a corporate actuary. He has done alot of work in governance, risk and other actuarial functions in reinsurance and non-life.. His worked a few years in Ireland and he's back in Belgium. He is currently freelancing for a reinsurer however he is interested in a part time assignment, max 1.5 days a week where he can manage his time accordingly. He misses problem solving and teamwork.

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Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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