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Experienced professional with over 10 years in programming, business analysis/functional analysis, and project management, actively seeking immediate contract opportunities. Maintains strong technical skills through programming during free time. Last employed at SPF Finance as a Project Manager overseeing a team of 30 individuals, including developers, analysts, testers, architects, and scrum masters.

Professional Experience:

  • SPF Finance (Last Contract):Role: Project Manager for a classic software development project.
    • Managed a team of 30, including 15 developers, 6 analysts, 6 testers, architects, and scrum masters.
    • Responsibilities included team management, project oversight, monitoring deadlines, production velocity, and communication with external stakeholders.
    • Oriented towards IT solutions to understand business needs and proposed well-thought-out technical solutions.
    • Proficient in business and functional analysis, diving into detailed functional analysis.
    • Technologies Used: Jira, UML, BPMN, Confluence, API, OpenAPI Specification, Balsamic, PowerPoint, Word, Excel.


  • Project Management:Prioritizes team cohesion, actively listens to team needs and frustrations, and addresses them effectively.
    • Ensures staying well-informed about project progress and potential issues.
    • Maintains open communication with the team, providing information on project status, challenges, and available options.
    • Collaborates with management to present the current situation and suggest improvement options.

This candidate brings a wealth of experience in both technical and managerial aspects, demonstrating a commitment to effective team management, detailed analysis, and transparent communication with stakeholders. Ready to contribute expertise to new challenges immediately

Ce profil vous intéresse ?

Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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