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Experienced Actuary with various experiences as an expert and manager in Risk Management and business functions in insurance and consulting firms, I developed a profound knowledge of the actuarial profession mainly in Non-life and Disability lines of business. As a freelance actuary I like to share my experience: - As a project or team manager/member - In IFRS17 and Solvency II (Pillar 1/2/3) - In Portfolio management (profitability/strategic plan, product pricing, reserving, specific actuarial analysis...) - Validation and Actuarial Functions under Solvency II Strengths: - Client-oriented and results driven with accuracy and pragmatism while being strict in delivery. - Clear communication to various stakeholders on technical matters. - Team and corporate player - Open-minded - Autonomous - Agility to gain new skills and knowledge fast. - Exposed to various programming languages.

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BEGAAPIFRS 9 & 17LAT / Flashing LightData ClassificationData ClusteringData VisualisationDataset PreparationRegression AnalysisValidation du modèlePlanification et budgétisationRapportsTarificationCoordination et communicationGestion des équipesIFRSS II (QRT, SFCR, ORSA, RSR)Meilleure estimation du passif (BEL)CalculsExamen de la réserveMarge de risqueInsurance RiskConception du modèle interneMCR, SCRSolvabilité IIAssumption Setting


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Gilles is very dynamic and friendly. He is motivated by change and new challenges. He's very open minded, blends in very easily in different teams and company cultures. His 11 yrs at Axa gave him a broad exposure to different responsibilities in non life and health insurance. He's by background an engineer and actuary so he loves modelling, analysis as well as being the bridge with the the business side of work in order to give expert judgement and practical resolutions to complex situations. His ideal mission would consist of 2 days a week working from the office. Currently he's an employee with only 3 weeks of notice period.

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Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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