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A professional with 13 years (5 in the project management) of experience in auto manufacturing held a technical role in a small group of 18 people. His responsibilities involved the rebuilding and renovation of a new shop, with a focus on infrastructure projects rather than development. 🏭🔧

He was instrumental in implementing various projects, including the deployment of Windows kiosks and voice-activated systems for guiding people, providing directions in multiple languages. In cases of project issues, he addressed budget concerns directly with the responsible parties. His team comprised software engineers, individuals with a programming background, functional testers, and application managers. 📢🖥️🔊🌍💼

Problem-solving was a key component of his role. When issues arose, he collaborated with business analysts and other team members to define needs and objectives. When encountering challenges, he worked closely with software and solution analysts to identify the root causes and develop plans to resolve them. 🤝🚧📊🗣️

As a project manager, adaptability and quick decision-making were crucial. He had to approve changes, possess strong communication skills to understand project requirements, and challenge the team to provide accurate estimates. 📈📋🤹‍♂️

Ce profil vous intéresse ?

Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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