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I am a strategic HR professional with +30 years experience in an international FMCG and retail environment and with a track record of proven results in both HR Generalist and HR Specialist area's : 1)HR Generalist My purpose as an HR Manager is to create value for the stakeholders that I serve. Through facilitating Strategic Workforce Planning, Organization Design, Business Transformation and Talent Management – supported by HR data analytics – I have provided my stakeholders and their teams the support and key insights needed to drive the business into the strategic direction. ​2)HR Specialist As a Learning and Development expert, I am passionate about engaging with individuals, business leaders and teams and support, coach them so that they build awareness, tools and capabilities needed for personal, team and organizational development. Throughout the years, I have gained specialist experience in Leadership and Functional Capability Development, HR and Leadership Program Design & Facilitation and Talent Management. I am an outgoing optimistic person, leading with empathy, striving to have a positive impact on the lifeʼs of people I work with. I am comfortable with working in highly matrix‐ed organizations and flexible to quickly adapt to different cultural working environments I am open to support strategic HR projects in combination with operational HR work. I have a broad experience and am interested to work in various sectors and industries.

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🤝 Hoeveel jaar ervaring: +30 jaar ervaring in een internationale FMCG- en retailomgeving (HR generalist & HR specialist) & Is op zoek naar haar eerste freelance opdracht

🔎 Zoekt soorten opdrachten: Op zoek naar haar eerste opdracht als freelancer:

HR Manager / HRBP

  • begeleiden van een team / bedrijf
  • herwerken van bepaalde HR processen
  • geen ervaring met recruitment
  • stakeholder contacten.
  • Learning & development ( helft van haar carrière):
    • opleidingen geven
    • opeleidingen uitschrijven

Geen harde HR ( is niet een meerwaarde daarin)

🌍 Connaissances linguistiques : NL

🏡 Woonplaats: Borgloon

💰 Uurtarief: 100 euro / uur

🏃🏻‍ Beschikbaarheid: 5 dagen / week

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Ce profil vous intéresse ?

Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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