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Who are we?

In short, we're a happy bundle of designers, developers, product managers, creatives, facilitators, nerds, and strategists. And one thing we really pride ourselves on, is being able to ship finished projects hella fast.

We're adamant on keeping development cycles as short as possible. Having to work on the same project for too long is mind-numbingly boring and flat-out ineffective for everyone involved. A bright blue hedgehog once said: "Gotta go fast!" and honestly, we couldn't agree more.

A high-velocity environment and a wide variety of projects to work on sounds great, but balance is equally important. Everyone can and should take the time to learn new things, and have freedom to experiment. Doing small internal projects for fun, or competing in hackathons are good examples of this.

The Role

You're a developer that has already stumbled onto challenges where you had to create new solutions from scratch out of your comfort zone. Your experience, skills and passion will come to life at Bothrs. 

  • You will be implementing GraphQL & REST APIs.
  • You’ll closely collaborate with your team that consists of a product designer, a product manager and 2 full-stack developers.
  • Within that team, you take full responsibility for Front-end development. You will implement new components and structure them in one fluid application. Based on the design system and specific designs of flows and pages, you’re able to implement solutions.
  • You’re comfortable with CSS and know how to implement animations to improve the user experience.
  • When needed, you’re able to support back-end related tasks or create the needed APIs yourself.

You know how to kickstart a new product, with the right tools. This includes:

  • Having a healthy love-hate relationship with Typescript.
  • Being comfortable with front-end things like React Hooks, Styled components or Sass, just to name a few.
  • Choosing between GraphQL or REST depending on the situation.
  • Working with MongoDB or MySQL to build the right data-driven solutions.
  • Building robust integration tests to make sure we got our bases covered.
  • You’re interested in, or have played with Bot Management Systems to create conversational interfaces.
  • Constantly staying up to date with developments in web applications and programming languages

What tools do we like?

We try to stay on top of our game, and won't hold back to try out the latest tools and technologies. Hence the importance of being able to learn on the job. Anyway, we build a lot front end applications, as well as back end APIs using a myriad of tools and frameworks. Don't be alarmed if you're not fluent in all of these (yet!) though, that's perfectly fine.

Modern front end:

  • Languages: Modern JavaScript ES10, TypeScript
  • Frameworks: React/Next, React Native, Vue.js/Nuxt, Svelte/Sapper
  • Linting: ESLint, Prettier
  • Quick deployments: now.sh, expo.io
  • Design tools: Figma, Framer

Modern back end:

  • Languages: Node, Python, PHP
  • API Standards: GraphQL, REST
  • Frameworks: ExpressJS
  • CI/CD/Containers: Github Actions, Google Cloud Run, Docker
  • Storage: Airtable, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase/Parse, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • Cloud Providers: Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud Platform

What you’ll bring to the role:

  • You’ve got at least 3 years of experience in working with (part of) the stack mentioned above
  • You are comfortable with both back-end and front-end programming
  • Experience with the agile way of working and lean thinking
  • Being able to effectively collaborate and communicate, is super important. It's a huge factor in terms of our velocity
  • An urge to constantly try to improve, or be more efficient 
  • Feedback is what drives progress, that’s why you should be able to supply radical yet constructive feedback
  • You like kickstarting new projects from scratch
  • You’re fluent in Dutch and English

What's in it for you?

Three things: growth as a developer, having a high impact from day one, and getting paid. It really doesn't get more straightforward than that. A company like ours can't thrive if the people in it can't grow themselves.


Waarom kiezen voor deze opdracht

  1. Design thinking, working in sprints
  2. Dedicated team per project (1 at a time)
  3. Fun, fast-paced and ambitious gang :)

Extra info

Regio: Gent
Beschikbaarheid: 5 Dag(en) per week
Looptijd: 52 weken
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