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11 juli 2022


We’re at a turning point in history. Climate change is changing the world faster than ever before. Utilities will play a crucial role in the transformation of our society to fight climate change and become carbon-neutral, while at the same time making sure people and businesses can continue to use energy supply like they’ve been used to for so many years.

At Gorilla, we’re determined to not stay stand by but to make a real impact on the utility industry by providing data services that allow utilities to play the role they need to play in the quest for a net-zero society. By building something that solves a real problem, and by being the best at what we do.


  • You will turn product requirements into clear, testable and maintainable code, written mainly in Python, through the use of agile development standards and guidelines.
  • You will co-create and research how to best implement features and will need to be able to sell others on your ideas by formulating them clearly.
  • You make sure you deliver a performant and stable codebase that is easy to read, and technical documentation to go along with it.
  • You will be working on the Gorilla backend which contains a multitude of internal and external APIs, a complex autoscaling data processing engine and pipeline.
  • You actively contribute to the open source community by opening issues, pull requests for libraries that we use and possibly open sourcing and maintaining a library we wrote ourselves.
  • In our fast-growing environment, you will always be looking to improve and adapt to the best way of working.


We believe technology is here to enable us in creating new solutions. That is why we are looking for versatile people, eager to learn, experiment & share, as to build the best solution we can, using technologies that are fit for purpose.

It will be your shared responsibility to find and use those technologies.

You will be working closely with our data engineers Matteo and Oliver who have built Gorilla from the ground up, supported by our architect Ronald. There is not much hierarchy within Gorilla as that only limits innovation, meaning your voice will be heard and valued, stronger even, we believe it is your responsibility to criticize and give feedback as this is one of the main drivers helping us grow.

Gorilla is a startup but surprisingly well organized for its size, mainly because of the business criticality of what we do. We strongly encourage personal development as we’ve been reaping the benefits from it daily. We will push you to take responsibility for your growth, but also give you the time to grow (a full day every two weeks at least).


  • You have at least 5+ years of professional experience in data engineering and/or general software development.
  • You have experience building applications using Spark, Dask, Presto, Hadoop or similar technologies in a cloud service provider like AWS.
  • You have deep knowledge of Python and data engineering tooling.
  • Knowledge of Serverless Framework, Docker and an interest in DevOps practices are a plus and you are comfortable with test driven development.
  • In order to keep learning, you love to keep hunting for better ways to do data analytics and processing at scale, research data libraries and improvements to coding practices.
  • You create reusable code by developing libraries that can be used across multiple projects and even open source your best work.
  • You love to read up on the newest innovation, whether it is about distributed computing, machine learning, CSP services or just for the fun of it humanoid robotics.
  • In a fast-growing environment, you’re always looking to improve and adapt to the best way of working.
  • You write code that is easy to read, and technical documentation to go along with it.
  • You are able to sell others on your ideas by formulating them clearly.


You become part of an ambitious organization and an enthusiastic team with a mindset to win! As Gorilla is growing at an incredible pace, you can leave your mark – growing alongside Gorilla.

Gorilla’s technical complexity requires us to constantly research and test new technologies – leveraging their strongest assets to make Gorilla performant and impressive. We actively challenge ourselves and our colleagues, in order to always improve our skills, methodology and capabilities. Lifelong learning is essentially embedded in our organization.

On top of that, our remuneration approach is clear and no-nonsense, just like our feedback culture and personal development approach. You’ll be able to join a team from wherever you’d like to work – equipped with the best technology for remote work. We’ll provide access to an office space near you whenever you like, as well as frequent travels to meet your colleagues in person, making sure you’ll never feel lonely.


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Waarom kiezen voor deze opdracht

  1. Be part of an ambitious team
  2. Leave your mark!
  3. Work from home

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Regio: Antwerpen
Beschikbaarheid: 4 Dag(en) per week
Looptijd: 80 weken
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