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The different areas of expertise of the GIGHOUSE freelancers


Taxes & legislation

Corporate tax

Personal income tax

Belgian tax laws and regulations


Auditing of administrative organization

Auditing internal financial statements

Prepare audit plan

Audit reports


Financial analysis


Business analysis

Financial Planning & Analysis


Balance sheet analysis

Preparing a balance sheet

Writing objections

Audit accounting

Tax returns

Bart ABO Global

After Accent referred us to Gighouse, we were a bit skeptical about the application that announced itself - from hearsay, of course 😉 - as a tinder. It is an online application but the personal support made the definition of our task crystal clear and sharp. Immediately we were on the right track and a perfect match was found. Sanne has been active with us for 2 months now, the click is there on both sides, and that is why we are very happy to stay together a little longer.

Bart Jacobs

Finance & Administration Director at ABO Global Trading nv

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