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The different areas of expertise of the GIGHOUSE freelancers


Digital Project Management

Program Manager

Project Manager


Test Manager

Scrum Master

Solution Design & Optimisation

Product Owner

Business Analyst

Solution Architect

Functional Analyst

SAP Consultant

Software Development

Full Stack Developer

Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer (.NET or JAVA or COBOL or python)

Integration Developer

Automation Testing

Infra & Security

System Engineer

DevOps Engineer

DevSecOps Engineer

Support Engineer

Network Engineer


Data Solutions

BI Analyst / Dev

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Data Analyst


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GIGHOUSE and Abylsen are joining forces. This means a great all-in-one experience for companies looking for hard-to-find IT talent.

GIGHOUSE offers an excellent matching tool to match the right freelancer to your vacancies. Abylsen, with its extensive knowledge, intuition and know-how of the market, sublimely identifies needs. Thanks to this cooperation, together we offer the best IT freelancers on the labor market.

  • Carefully selected freelancers
  • Easy-to-use web portal
  • Experienced, screened freelancers
  • Full overview of all freelancers working in your company

In our fast-changing digital world, companies derive great benefit from experienced freelance IT experts who can quickly solve difficult technical problems. These experts work smoothly with companies, creating fast-moving teams that invent new technologies and ensure success. GIGHOUSE IT is a leading platform that connects freelancers and businesses and helps companies perform in the ever-changing digital future.

Richard Costaglioli

Head of digital IT

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