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At GiGHOUSE, we are very happy with our freelancers. Therefore, together with our partners, we offer you some not-to-be-missed deals.
Deals that will make your life as a freelancer a lot more pleasant.

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One of our partners is Deskalot, a revolutionary platform where anyone, both individuals and professionals, can rent available workspaces to whoever needs them.

Anyone looking for such a workspace then can find and book it on deskalot.com. Together with Deskalot, we are offering a discount, for GiGHOUSE freelancers.

So are you looking for a nice co-working space? Then be sure to take a look at this partner's website.

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Logo Agoria

Another partner is Agoria Techlancers. This is an initiative of Agoria specifically aimed at technology freelancers.

Agoria, federation for the technology industry, thanks to its members, improves the quality of life. It does so primarily by connecting all those inspired by technology and innovation, increasing the success of technology companies and freelancers, and shaping a sustainable future.

With this partner, you get a discount when you want to join the cominity. If that's not convenient!

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Together with Decupere & partners....

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