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Freelancers know no age

March 10, 2023 #freelancers #estimonials

Sit down with one of our youngest freelancers: Lowie & one of our more experienced freelancers: Robert! 1 thing is for sure: freelancing knows no age.

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maxime carael

"Taking an internship at GIGHOUSE? Much more than just an intern"

June 24, 2019 #freelancers #estimonials #Stage

Maxine joined the marketing team at GIGHOUSE n during a 37-day internship. Here you can read the account of her first work experience.

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Testimonial freelancer - Katrien Tordeur

The wonderful world of freelancers ... GIGHOUSE freelancer Katrien testifies.

December 7, 2018 #freelancers #estimonials

Katrien Tordeur started her career as a freelancer several years ago. Read the account of her freelance adventure here.

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