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Back-end Developer, APP Developer, C# Developer, C++ Developer, CIO, Project Manager, Service Manager, IT Manager

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Human Resources

Recruitment, HR management, Payroll, Training Coaching, Assessments

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Marketing & Communications

Digital Marketing, Marketing Management, Search Engine Marketing, Copywriting

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Digital & Design

Webdesign, Front-end & Back-end development, UX/UI, Graphic design, Web Analytics

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Accountancy, Taxation, Financial Controlling, Business Analyse, File Management

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Business Administration

Call Center Support, Data entry, Administrative Support, Reception

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Actuarial, Risk and Data

All-round actuarial support from junior to senior level for Life, P&C, Pension, Health, Investment, IFRS 17 reporting, Risk Management, Data Analysis, Project Management

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What is a freelancer?

9 September 2021 #Clients #freelancer #Opdrachtgever

The term freelance coincides with different meanings and interpretations. Finding a clear description isn't easy. So we wrote a blogpost about it.

5 min.
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Do you want to optimally and properly on-board freelancers? This checklist will get you started:

26 April 2021 #Client #Onboarding

Onboarding freelancers isn't a walk in the park. In this article we teach you how to properly onboard freelance talents.

5 min.
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Why freelancers are the perfect employees for start-ups

11 August 2020 #Client #freelancer

Freelancers are fast, experienced and agile workers. They thrive best in flexible organisations. The start-up is the perfect place for freelancers to work their magic.

5 min.
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Why hire a GIGHOUSE freelancer?

19 March 2020 #Client

Hiring freelancers is a prerequisite for a succesful talent strategy in the current labor market. For those who need some more encouragement can read the article bellow to be fully unboard with the industry's must-have: freelance talent.

4 min.
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Three misconceptions about freelancers dispelled

26 February 2019 #Client

Some biases occur when thinking about employing freelancers. In this blogpost we tried to unravel them so you can get a clear view of what you are missing out on when not embracing freelance talent.

3 min.
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Is unknown still unloved?

14 February 2019 #Client

We have seen it, a lot. Companies are reluctant to work with freelancers. When they decide to give them a change, they continue to employ them for longer collaborations. Unknown, is unloved.

5 min.
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