Why hire a GIGHOUSE freelancer?

leestijd: 4min | #businesses #working with freelancers | 19 March 2020 | Daan De Bock

There are countless reasons why you should hire a freelancer. Take flexibility, for example. A freelancer can jump in in response to a temporary need for specific skills or knowledge. This means that you will not only welcome a flexible employee aboard, but also a specialist in a specific professional field. But how can you be sure that this freelancer will give your organisation the boost it needs? Can you be guaranteed the quality of the work performed by the freelancer? Are you grappling with questions like these? No worries! GIGHOUSE can help you with this. Thanks to a thorough vetting procedure, you can be assured of hiring only the most qualified freelancers through GIGHOUSE. We will be happy to explain what we do to ensure that you can always count on the right freelancer.

Every freelancer is screened in advance

Before we register someone in our database, he/she undergoes a thorough screening procedure performed by our Success Consultant. Only the best freelancers end up in our database! The step-by-step plan below shows how we set to work in concrete terms.

  • When a freelancer registers with GIGHOUSE, we ask him/her for three references. More specifically, the names of three previous clients.
  • Our Success Consultant will then contact these clients.
  • His/her contact with these people will give the Success Consultant more insight into the freelancer’s work ethics.
  • After verifying these three references, the Success Consultant will be able to provide a concise assessment of the freelancer.
  • The next step is to introduce the freelancer to the client.

Targeted and personal quality control

To guarantee the qualifications of the freelancers with whom GIGHOUSE collaborates, the Success Consultant will contact each of these references personally. The following aspects will be investigated to gain an accurate impression of the freelancer and his/her work ethic.

  • The contact’s relationship with the freelancer
  • The duration of their collaboration
  • The freelancer’s strengths and points for improvement
  • The freelancer’s field of expertise
  • Actual work situations in respect of the freelancer

In addition to the above, the Success Consultant will need to examine if the freelancer has accurately assessed the level of his/her personal skills. Once a freelancer has registered with GIGHOUSE, he/she will be asked to assess his/her skills. This assessment will be checked against the references. We strongly believe in double quality control!

Continuous follow-up of our freelancers

We follow up on our freelancers closely throughout all the projects they perform. We do this through personal contact, as well as our own database. This enables us to maintain an up-to-date record of the wishes, skills and competencies of our freelancers.

The right person at the right time

To guarantee satisfactory collaboration, we match you with the right freelancers! Based on our fully tailored approach, we find the perfect match for your project. This saves you lots of time spent scrolling LinkedIn in search of the right one. We simply match them to you! On top of that, we always provide you with a ‘GIGHOUSE opinion’. This way, you can be certain that a freelancer dovetails with your corporate culture.

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