Assignment you can't complete yourself? Send it to GIGHOUSE and earn €150!

Earn €150 euros by notifying GIGHOUSE of the assignment you cannot complete yourself.

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Suppose you come across an interesting freelance assignment with your client. On the Internet or simply through your wife 's grand aunt's sister. Unfortunately, this assignment falls outside your area of expertise or you don't have the time for it yourself. Now what? Well, to offer our freelancers more job security during this period, we are launching a new referral system. This way you can be rewarded for passing on a lead and we can help other freelancers with a new assignment. Consult the terms and conditions here

How does it work?

Freelancer gets notification on new project

You see a relevant assignment that you cannot do yourself

You come across a great freelance job opportunity but you don't have the availability, skills or enthusiasm to take it on.

You notify GIGHOUSE

You use the form to send the company's contact information.

Can we match a freelancer to the assignment? Then you get €150 deposited into your account

Do we make a match and can the freelancer start working for a minimum of 40 billed hours? Then we deposit €150 into your bank account.

    Quickly fill out the form and earn €150

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