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Dedicated, attentive and personable administrative freelancer with over 10 successful years of clerical experience in busy office environments achieving superior levels of administrative effectiveness. Excels in administrative and customer service support. Successful at prioritizing tasks, maintaining organization and optimizing workflow.

Available from: 2024-04-04
5 day(s)/per week
Own car
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Sales AdministrationCustomer SatisfactionAdministration SalesDeals/ ContractsCommercialSaleDriving License Class BMaterial ManagementCompiling Administrative FilesOrder ProcessingWork stabilityData entryCollecting InvoicesSending payment remindersAdministrationAdministrative SupportData InputCoding, Classifying And Archiving DocumentsAudit InvoicesFollow up OrdersTelephone Customer ContactProcessing Purchase OrdersSAPERPOffice 365

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👩‍💼 Administrative freelancer Nadine 👩‍💼

Nadine is a professional freelancer with broad experience in administrative and client-facing roles.

She has a flexible attitude and is always willing to take on new challenges. Nadine began her career as a chambermaid in Holland and has since held various roles including receptionist, financial support and facilities management. 🏢💼

Her expertise includes working with software packages such as SAP and MDG, as well as general administrative tasks, such as creating annual POs and approving invoices. She has experience with customer contact and enjoys interacting with both customers and suppliers. 📊💬

Nadine is multilingual and fluent in Dutch, French and English, making her a valuable asset in a diverse work environment. 🌐🗣️

She is willing to work both onsite and remotely and has the flexibility to adjust her work days to meet the needs of the assignment. 🗓️🌟

Nadine is open to both short and long-term assignments.

She is known for her positive attitude and her ability to always work with a smile. 😊💰

In short, Nadine is an experienced freelancer with versatile skills and a strong work ethic, ready to add value to any organization she is a part of. 🚀👏

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