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Administrative clerk - Office management

Available from: 2024-06-01
3 day(s)/per week
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Let me introduce you to Rani from Willebroek. Rani is currently doing tattooing in a side job, specializing in a niche: nipple pigmentation after breast cancer. She is currently seeking freelance assignments for 2 to 3 days a week at most, in addition to her work as a tattoo artist. She enjoys sharing her experience as an office manager with others.


Rani in brief:

🤝 Experience within administration < 5 years

🔎 Seeks assignments within administration    

🌍 Dutch ( very good), English ( very good) , French (basic)

🏡 Willebroek

💰 Rate: 50€/hr ( excluding broker fee of GIGHOUSE 24%)

🏃🏻‍ 2 to max 3 days/week

❤️ Rani is a person with impressive perseverance. She does not let herself go easily and is fully committed to what she wants to achieve. She often makes her decisions based on her intuition and gut feeling. When she feels a strong connection, she goes all the way and will do anything to achieve her goals. Rani tends to act first and think second, which gives her a dynamic and spontaneous approach to life.


Job Content:

-       Forwarding invoices in ExectOnline.

-       Reception.

-       Telephony.

-       Mail traffic.

-       Ordering office supplies.

-       Preparation of schedule of technicians ( 5 FTEs).

-       Inplementation of a time tracking and follow-up.

-       Mail processing.

-       ...


Good to know:

👌🏻 Opl: A1 teacher of economics and morals   

👌🏻 Currently works within the hospitality industry ( 20h/week salaried) => 2 weeks notice

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Interested in this profile?

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