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Administrative (accounting) Clerk

I am Shanna, all-round clerk within office, administration, accounting and HR! Moreover, I make...
Available from: 2024-06-03
3 day(s) per week
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Procurement Manager

With over 24 years of rich experience in procurement and legal domains, I've led dynamic and cro...
Available from: 2024-03-05
5 day(s) per week
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I have over 17 years of payroll experience within various industries. Among other things, I have worked for 12 years o...
Available from: 2024-11-30
4 day(s) per week
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Marketing manager Winsol

At GiGHOUSE, I am always helped personally. The recruiters provide a meticulous follow-up, and can move quickly. The handy app and smooth follow-up ensures that we can get to work with our freelancers very quickly.

Karolien Coussée

Marketing Manager Winsol

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