I have over 17 years of payroll experience within various industries. For 12 years, I worked in the HR department of az Sint-Blasius in Dendermonde. Here I mainly did payroll, payroll administration and various projects such as: social elections, starting hospitalization insurance, developing digital flows, developing absenteeism policy, employment plan 45+, ... Afterwards I worked as an HR Consultant at Attentia & PHR. As a consultant through Attentia, I worked at Stepstone, Baxter, Orbid and at Attentia's social secretariat. Here I mainly did payroll and projects. Through PHR I worked at Ontex and Volvo cars in the HR department.

Available from: 2024-11-30
4 day(s)/per week
Own car
Weekend Work
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Wendy from Dendermonde is a Payroll and HR expert with over 17 years of experience in the profession. Wendy mainly gained her payroll experience at AZ Sint-Blasius. There she worked for 12 years as an HR Consultant where she was responsible for the payroll processing and file management of +/- 300 employees.

She has experience with both blue-collar and white-collar workers. In addition to hard HR, she also has experience in recruiting, primarily blue-collar workers.

Started freelancing since May 2024 and is looking for her first freelance assignment.


| Good to know:

👌🏻Studies: Bachelor of Social Work, option: Human Resources (Brussels)

👌🏻Software knowledge: Excel, Powerpoint, Word

👌🏻HR Tools: knowledge of eBlox (SD Worx), DOTS (Attentia), Protime, GET, Tobania, Infoland

👌🏻Sterke knowledge of Social Legislation


| Wendy in brief:

🤝 +/- 17 years of experience

🔎 Seeking assignments as Payroller, HR Officer, HR Assistant, Administrative Support Officer

🌍 Dutch (native language), Fr & Eng (good)

❤️ Wendy is very sociable, friendly and flexible. She is organizationally very strong and is a driven, ambitious woman with spirit.


| Competencies?

Wendy is familiar with following duties:

  • Calculate & process wages A-Z (blue & white collar workers)
  • First person contact of employees regarding payroll & legislation
  • optimization hospitalization insurance
  • Digitization of paper paychecks to e-paychecks
  • projects such as: implementation of hr software, workflow optimization and digitizations
  • organizing child care for the company
  • SWT & retirement
  • monthly calculation days of working time reduction
  • time credit & thematic leaves
  • absenteeism
  • industrial accidents
  • reporting
  • Internal training, training new colleagues
  • reception, mail traffic, telephony
  • preparation of contracts
  • recruitment & selection, interviewing

| Work experience:

  • Payroll Administrator at Manpower (staffing industry)
  • 12 years HR Consultant at AZ Sint-Blasius (hospital).
  • HR Associate at Medina (lab).
  • Consultant at Attentia; here she was sent out to clients of Attentia, having already worked at Baxter, Stepstone, Orbid and Eduards Trailer Factory
  • Last 2 years as Payroll Consultant at PHR, also with several of their clients; Volvo Cars, Ontex and Conway

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