administration & preparatory accounting

Accounting & Administrative freelancer with +/- 10 years of experience.

Available from: 2024-05-15
2.5 day(s)/per week
Own car
Weekend Work
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Bianca from Zwevegem has over 10 years of experience in accounting and administrative tasks.

After her studies, she gained 7 years of experience as an Administrative Clerk at a car garage. In late 2022, she started working as a freelancer.

Today she has 4 regular clients for whom she does preparation for accounting and administrative tasks etc.

She now has a 2-3 day availability for a new assignment.


| Good to know:

👌🏻 Diploma in Accounting (Syntra West) + A2 Secretarial Languages

👌🏻 Knowledge of Exact Online, Octopus, Excel, MS Office and Carfac (Carfac is a program that was proprietary to the auto garage).


| Bianca in brief:

🤝 +/- 10 years of experience in accounting & administrative roles

🔎 Seeking assignments as Administrative Support Assistant, Customer Service, Accounting Assistant

🌍 Nl (native language) Fr (good), Eng (good)

❤️ Bianca is a very sweet lady, comes across very calm and patient and for always puts the customer first. Very congenial and easy to get along with. Seems like someone very loyal and reliable.


| Competencies:

In terms of duties, Bianca is familiar with all-round administration & accounting tasks.


  • reception/reception
  • mail traffic & telephony
  • file management of customers' cars (garage)
  • planning
  • stock management, seeing what pieces need to be reordered
  • placing and following up on orders
  • preparing quotes, follow up
  • customer service
  • making appointments for the inspection
  • ordering license plates


  • sales invoices
  • purchase invoices
  • follow up on payments
  • settle with the customers
  • Track & follow up on vendor payments
  • visas states

| Work experience:

  • 7 years Administrative Clerk at Garage Lavaert
  • 6 months Administrative Consultant at Officecare
  • Freelance projects; at a Doctor, a Hairdresser, Surveillance company

| Sectors: Experience in automotive, healthcare, hair & grooming industries.

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Interested in this profile?

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