Self-billing principle

The principle of unburdening freelancers

  1. You complete your timesheets in the app with your number of hours worked.
  2. We validate the specified hours with the client.
  3. We prepare and pay your self-bill within 30 days of the invoice date
Freelance contract drafting

How does the self-bill work?

In self-billing, the invoice is prepared by the buyer or recipient of the service and not by the supplier or service provider. Therefore, the system is also 'invoice issued by customer' called.

GIGHOUSE takes over the invoicing obligation from you as a freelancer. In other words, our freelancers no longer have to make sales invoices to GIGHOUSE, but GIGHOUSE makes purchase invoices to itself, the so-called self-bills. In other words: GIGHOUSE does not accept invoices from freelancers.

Just to-the-point

  • GIGHOUSE provides a consecutive number sequence for each freelancer.
  • Subject to written comments regarding the invoice issued within 48 hours of receipt by the Freelancer, the invoice is deemed accepted by the Freelancer.
  • The freelancer should include these self-bills as sales invoices in his VAT return.
  • By inclusion in the VAT return, the freelancer will pay the VAT to the Belgian treasury.
  • In addition to the VAT return, the freelancer should also include the self-bills in his/her annual client list.
  • GIGHOUSE does not accept invoices from the freelancers

Booking the self-bill invoice as a sales invoice is easy:

There are two options:

  1. The bookkeeper/freelancer creates a separate sub-diary in which he records the self-bills. The bookkeeper can then adopt our numbering, which is already a consecutive number sequence.
  2. The bookkeeper/freelancer can also record the self-bills in the regular sales journal. Then the bookkeeper just needs to assign a number himself.

​​  Suppose he/she has already entered sales invoices 1 tem 10 in the month of April, just book the selfbill as number 11
  All he has to do extra is keep a separate excel that clearly shows that VK invoice 11 is self-bill X; so an excel with two columns: our numbering and number 11 in this example.

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