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Invest in your people, get an HR freelancer!

reading time: 5min | # principals #collaborating with freelancers | October 30, 2018 | Daan De Bock

You invest in your employees to keep your company attractive to all stakeholders....
just like with your competitor.

Your human resources policy was long ago promoted to Human Resource management...
just like with your competitor.

Your HR manager and/or HR employee(s) go to great lengths every day to attract and retain the right talent....
just like with your competitor.


GIGHOUSE understands you and these challenges better than ever. Hire an HR freelancer to really make a difference!

What can a GIGHOUSE HR freelancer do for your business?

  • Your business is growing solid and you feel it in the workplace. You have a sudden shortage of employees but your HR officer/recruiter only has 2 hands. Get a freelance recruiter in-house who can focus a few days a week on bringing in your talent. Your HR officer then has room to focus on day-to-day HR policies.


  • Would you like to see in a report how satisfied your employees are within your company and where the shoe pinches? Hire a freelance HR consultant who can provide you with a employee engagement survey Create analyses and concrete action plans to take your business one level higher.


  • You want to organize a team building event that goes beyond a paintball fight? Get a Insights trainer/coach in-house to work with you to strengthen internal ties and optimize communication. With the Insights methodology, employees gain insight into their own behavior and that of their colleagues, resulting in higher productivity. Difficult relationships between colleagues can be quickly clarified with these sessions, people learn to appreciate each other again.


  • As a business owner, would you like an external sounding board who understands your business but also speaks the language of your employees? Get a freelance HR consultant in house who knows how to translate your needs into action items.


  • You are a founder and therefore by definition HR manager of a start-up that is quietly bursting at the seams? Bring in an HR freelancer who can help you HR policy takes control and supports your human capital. This will give you back time for the 5 other roles you perform every day!


Triggered by all these benefits? Invest in your people and bring in an HR freelancer!

Triggered by all these benefits?

Invest in your people and hire an HR freelancer!

Get in touch and we'll help you out!

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