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The time has finally arrived. Your product or service has its first elaborate version and is shining with your full pride after months or even years of development. The first customers are a fact and your workload has suddenly tripled. You, dear entrepreneur, are ready to hire your first employee! But patch, there stands the war for talent knocking on your back door, and what about payroll for start-ups? All that red tape, couldn't it be simpler and actually even better? Yes, glad you asked! How? With freelancers of course! Read on to find out why freelancers are the perfect employees for start-ups.

1) You pump a hefty dose of expertise into your start-up

Freelancers, or as we sometimes call them the 'mini entrepreneurs', are self-employed people who enter the job market with their own acquired expertise to take on short- or long-term assignments with a host of different clients. Read: 'they know the drill'. And that's precisely why freelancers are so attractive to start-ups. You don't waste time training, retraining or retraining your employees. In addition, you create an ecosystem of self-employed people in which entrepreneurship prevails. If you want to grow quickly then freelancers are the ideal solution.

2) Two for the price of one: cost of the freelancer

No it's not a goofy marketing stunt. For the cost of the freelancer's work, you really do get double the value. And you know what? That cost is actually not that bad. Although there's still a lot of false prejudices exist about freelancers, with the high cost being the most persistent in our opinion, a freelancer often comes out more advantageous. Consider saving on patronage fees and not having to pay out sick and vacation days.

Compared to registering an employee on your payroll, with freelancers you also bypass the cost of compulsory insurance for industrial accidents and thus it is also not necessary to take out liability insurance because the freelancer, as a supplier, is himself responsible for his labor provided.

Agreed, the average daily rate of a freelancer is higher than a permanent employee. But a freelancer only pays you for the labor provided and, because of high productivity, runs fewer hours.

Do the math and you end up with a very favorable rate.

3) Supply and demand: freelancers love start-ups

Working at a start-up is a dime a dozen. Along the one hand, you get wonderful opportunities, freedom and a lot of responsibility to really make a difference within an organization. Along the other hand, it is often risky for employees to choose a start-up. The wages and benefits you can offer as a start-up can hardly compete with those of large companies. In addition, advancement opportunities are hard to predict and job security evolves with the growth of start-ups. And then comes the freelancer. For freelancers, growth opportunities within a single company are irrelevant, and a freelancer does not hesitate to start a project that may end early. You ask, freelancers spin.

4) Switching quickly

Can you wait until your marketing manager -after years of research, self-pity and frustration- outsmarts the Google algorithm? Or until your accountant has found the right loophole? Of course not! The years of expertise of freelancers allow you to move quickly. When you need a quick converting marketing campaign or want a new interface for your application, you don't have to wait. The freelancer always gets the job done.

Want to know more?

Still doubting if a freelancer can do something for your start-up? Questions about remuneration or working method of freelancer? Leave your details here and we will contact you within 48h.

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