What does an HR freelancer do?

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As a company, you like to get adequate returns from your organization and employees. A good HR policy is indispensable for this. Think about keeping your employees satisfied and motivated and aligning your HR policy with the company goals. An HR freelance can help your company with this. But what does an HR freelance do exactly?


What is an HR freelancer?

An HR freelancer is self-employed with a temporary contract and is versed in everything related to personnel and organization. An HR freelancer must have good communication skills, a healthy dose of people skills, be able to motivate people and have a sense of empathy. After all, HR freelancers are often the link between management and employees. In addition, for various assignments it is also important to have knowledge of social legislation and be able to think analytically with the aim of optimizing business processes.

Ulrich, an American professor, describes four essential roles within HR. To create optimal added value within your company the right combination of these roles should be applied. An HR freelancer can either fill the role that you are still missing within your company or independently search for the right balance between all the roles.

Figure 1: The four roles within HR


The strategic partner Monitors organizational goals by developing a corresponding HR strategy so that these preconceived goals are achieved. A change agent implements innovations within the organization with a focus on effectiveness, improvement and development. Think about hiring new staff, training employees, measuring employee performance or even a complete reorganization of your company. The administrative expert in turn takes care of the daily operations of your company by managing all the processes mentioned above at the administrative level. The employee champion ensures that employees in the company are functioning at their best. One way to do this is to listen to the needs of the employees and respond appropriately.

Despite these four identified roles, an HR freelancer still takes on many different designations and functions. Common designations within HR include: freelance HR recruiter, freelance HR advisor or consultant, freelance HR generalist, freelance HR manager, freelance HR officer and freelance HR assistant. However, while there are a lot of different designations, the duties for each position can often overlap. This is why it is important to always frame your needs and the assignment so that you find the right freelance HR expert for your company.


Job duties HR freelancer

The range of duties of an HR freelancer can be very broad. The demand for HR generalists has therefore increased significantly. An HR freelancer generalist is at home in all areas, both soft and hard HR. Soft HR ranges from recruitment and training to performance management, while hard HR is responsible for the application of social legislation, contract management and wage setting.

In addition, as a company you can also use an HR officer or an HR assistant to reinforce the current HR team within your company. A freelance HR officer assists the existing HR team in your company by performing administrative tasks such as drafting employment contracts. An HR freelance assistant, on the other hand, has a slightly broader range of duties by assisting with both administrative and operational tasks.

Below, we list for you the five most important aspects of an HR freelancer's job responsibilities with the corresponding job title that freelancers attribute to performing the task.


1. HR Policy

A first aspect of the job duties is the implementation of an efficient HR policy. The management policies of the organization must be reflected in the corresponding procedures for the organization's personnel. This can range from taking on the role of change agent, fine-tuning time management within the company, salary policy and hiring new staff to developing a long-term vision in terms of human resources management. This range of duties leans most closely to an HR freelancer manager. As a point of contact for the staff, the HR freelancer manager has an intermediary role between the management and the employees. An HR freelancer manager is recommended from around 30 employees.


2. Coaching

With coaching you stimulate all employees within your organization to bring out the best in themselves. This way you optimally focus on personal development, team development and organizational development. An HR freelancer ensures that people get more insight into themselves and others and are more motivated.


3. Recruiting

A freelance HR recruiter is responsible for the recruitment and selection of new employees. Tell them who you are looking for and they will introduce you to the right candidate! Freelance HR recruiters can work from home or on location. There are also several options for remuneration. The freelance HR recruiter can be paid on the basis of a predetermined daily rate or on the basis of successes achieved. Another factor to consider is whether or not the freelancer already has a LinkedIn Recruiter Seat. This paid subscription is the required tool to find suitable candidates on LinkedIn.


4. Social law

You can also use a freelancer for payrolling or union negotiations. This is usually done by a freelance advisor or freelance consultant. Examples include shifting payroll, drafting legal documents such as employment contracts or temporary unemployment, timekeeping and absences.


5. Opinion

A final part of the job is advising management at the operational and strategic level. This is another area where freelance HR advisors or freelance HR consultants find themselves completely comfortable. They advise the management on hiring, rewarding, assessing and training the employees. In this way they help to set up the right policy in terms of talent management. They also advise on career guidance, subsidies, payroll, personnel administration and the proper application of laws and regulations. A freelance HR advisor or consultant can also act as a mediator between the union and your company. As a negotiator, the freelancer ensures that your company maintains a good relationship with the union and both parties are brought into line.


How do I find the right HR freelancer?

How do you go about finding the right freelancer to help your company achieve organizational goals? As mentioned above, there are many different positions within HR. You can look for the right addition to your team via LinkedIn by searching for the position that best complements your company's needs. How do you know if you have the right person for the job? If you want to save time and be sure of a quality match you can opt for a freelanceplatform such as GiGHOUSE. This way, your company is quickly offered a to-the-point solution. You can also contact our account managers for free advice on HR challenges. As experts in the field of HR they are happy to help you with useful advice. They are also happy to connect you with the right person to help solve the problem.


Getting started with an HR freelancer yourself?

Do you want to make sure that the 4 roles within HR are properly monitored and could use the help of an HR freelancer? Get started quickly with a GIGHOUSE freelancer? Then fill out this form and our account managers will contact you soon to help you further!




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